More than thirty years ago, specifically in 1987, Hellenic Hydro Construction SA, a new start-up company resulting from a merger of private companies appeared in the construction sector. It participates in vendues related to the raising of public and private projects and undertakes the implementation and completion of numerous construction plans throughout the Greek territory.

Bridges, dams, sections of major highways, pumping stations, sewers, energy projects, as well as numerous buildings on both the continent and the islands, bear the signature of Hellenic Hydro Construction SA.

The projects that have been curated and implemented by the company are distinguished for their manufacturing excellence and unmatched quality. This is due to the excellent scientific staff of the company, its specialized technical workforce and its modern, privately owned and constantly updated technical equipment which consists of all kinds of vehicles, special drilling machines, cast iron ducts for pipelines and composite constructions.

The dynamic presence of Hellenic Hydro Construction SA in the field of construction, its many years of experience, as well as the quality of public and private works undertaken to date, helped to award her a 6th Class Contractor Degree in the fields of road construction, building, hydraulic and port creation projects.

Its privately owned fleet includes more than 200 commercial vehicles and trucks. The company is constantly upgrading its mechanical equipment with the aim of consistency, safety, and uninterrupted productivity. Its permanent staff consists of about 40 people each highly trained and experienced in his field whether it be operating equipment or engineering.

The credibility of Hellenic Hydro Construction SA is confirmed not only by the quality of the projects bearing its seal but also by the financial data presented in its annual balance sheets. The absence of bank debt makes it trustworthy to the country’s credit institutions, which proves its ability to cope with its financial liabilities and highlights the sound financial management of its inflows and outflows. Knowing that its core capital is its excellent workforce, the company ensures that its employees are paid consistently.

Hellenic Hydro Construction SA is also active in the field of energy production. Its portfolio contains the construction and concession for the operation of the Kerkini Hydroelectric Power Station (5MW) and the 450KW Photovoltaic Power Station at the location of “Ag. Efthimios ”of the Municipality of Tripoli, Prefecture of Arcadia (units I, II and IV) and Argolida (unit III). At the same time, a number of other photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants are in the process of being licensed and will soon start to be implemented.

The reliability, experience, and consistency in completing the projects within the predefined time limits have made Hellenic Hydro Construction SA one of the leading construction companies in the country.