Mechanical Equipment - Technological Experience

Our technological experience and expertise have been strengthened by our many years of dynamic presence in the field of construction.

Our modern and proprietary engineering equipment is an unquestionable assurance of the completeness and high quality of the projects we undertake. Taking into account the developments in the field of engineering and the constant changes in technology and equipment, we focus on constantly updating and upgrading our equipment so that we can adapt to new developments and respond to new challenges and the requirements and quality specifications of the projects assigned to us.

Our modern fleet and our technological experience and know-how that derive from our many years of presence in the field of construction contribute to the continuous growth of our company. The thorough knowledge of the field in which we operate in conjunction with our highly trained scientific staff, our specialized technical workforce and our modern mechanical and technical equipment, are the reasons why our company enjoys a prominent position in the field and enjoys great trust in both the public and private sectors.

The above features of HELLENIC HYDRO CONSTRUCTION SA are the assurance that every project we undertake will be distinguished by its manufacturing integrity and will meet the vision, expectations and high and strict quality standards of each client.

Our proprietary equipment is made up of more than 200 construction machines of all categories and capabilities (including all kinds of machinery, special drilling machines, cast iron ducts for pipelines and composite constructions), trucks and vehicles.

Our manufacturing fleet is capable of overcoming the harsh environmental conditions that usually prevail and meeting the requirements of our assigned projects with reliability and consistency and oriented towards perfection and quality within the predetermined completion time frame of the projects.

Here are some examples of these construction machines